Thursday, December 14, 2006

Would a Marine by any other name still smell as sweet?

U.S. Marine sergeant Cody Baker, 29, thought he would sell naming rights to himself, like they do to sports stadiums and arenas.

The military thought differently.

Sgt. Baker put an online auction on his website -- the bidding got to $30,000. Some of the high bidders were:

Finest Freshest Fastest
George Bailey of Bedford Falls
and my personal favorite
Oprah Winfrey

The military wanted none of the above on Cody's military nametag.

His intentions were good -- to raise money for college and to "raise awareness about an orphanage for AIDS affected children in Thailand."

There is a rule against military endorsement of commercial ventures, however, which it was decided would include what would essentially be an advertisement on his uniform.

Too bad, Sgt. Oprah Winfrey would have been major kewl!

Here is his interview from CNN:

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Anonymous said...

"raise awareness"
I think the whole "raise awareness" thing we are constantly subjected to is a load of crap. So there.