Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Bed That Ate Cleveland

Rooty the Dog's bed has gotten completely out of control. It started out as a single pillow in the family room, now it fills about 25% of the family room. There was an entire single-bed feather bed in it that I threw away because the feathers were escaping -- getting rid of something that large barely made a dent. His bed has swallowed old sofa cushions, guilts, blankets, pillows, and at least one of my old bathrobes. It's the Black Hole of the Doggie Universe, sucking in anything fluffy or cozy, snuggly or warm.


Amy in StL said...

Since I've moved back here, my dog shuns his bed and has taken the couch as his own. Including giving me a dirty look when I'm on the couch in the evening and it's his bedtime. Hey, he's 16 so I can't bear to bawl him out for it!
Rooty's that way about one of the chair, he'll sit and stare at me and gruff until I give in and let him have it

The Phoenix said...

It keeps growing! Take a pic of what it looks like now. I seem to recall one last year where Rooty was stretching himself out a bit in the middle of a huge pile of pillows and blankets.
the camera to pc usb thingie is not working, but I'll post some pixs soon

Meagan said...

His bed swallows guilts? That is a great bed! I would like to have a bed that swallowed any guilts I may have!

love meagan