Monday, November 06, 2006

If you see this man, don't call Fox

Vanished is a TV show that was on Fox following Prison Break. The show is a drama about the search for the wife of U.S. Senator who vanishes. Following the popular Prison Break, the show was doing quite well in its first season until, well, the star, sort of, and this is where it gets tricky, he seems to have vanished! What's left of the cast is above.

In one of the strangest moves in TV history, the show killed off its lead character played by actor Gale Harold after only five episodes. That's right, they snuffed the star of the show in a hail of bullets just before the World Series break. He's toast. He's history. He's supposedly a prima donna that no one could stand. So they got a new star, the writers were told to wrap up the central story line pronto, and Fox moved the show to a really bad time slot and cut the total number of new episodes ordered for this season from 22 to 13. This might be the ultimate in being unpopular with your co-workers!

[Before he vanished from Vanished, Gale Harold's only other starring role in a TV series was in Showtime's Queer as Folk. He is shown below with QAF co-star Randy Harrison (left).]


Bruce said...

I wasn't that impressed with the show, to be honest; and then there's "Kidnapped" on NBC(not that great either)... sounds like a little bit of kidnap-envy on someone's part...
I never saw either -- it's just the inherent funniness that star of Vanished vanished

The Phoenix said...

Vanished, Kidnapped, Without a Trace...I think it's alien abduction!
NOTE: Phoenix thinks everything is an alien abduction!