Thursday, November 02, 2006

Call Nielsen, Tell Him I Don't Give A Damn

Tonight begins the Novemnber sweep weeks -- a TV ratings periods that determine how much local TV stations get for their ad time. That's why your local stations are probably running controversial or titillating investigative reports during their evening newscasts.

The award for the most blatant attempt to attract a larger audience during sweeps goes to the old Sally Jessy Raphael talk show when it originated in St. Louis. The St. Louis is usually considered to be the most Catholic city in the country -- it used to be called the "Rome of the West." Microfilms of the documents in the Vatican Library were buried on the campus of St. Louis University, just in case Italy went communist after WWII.

In such a city, Sally Jessy hosted an episode entitled: "Lesbian Nuns in Love." And, no, I didn't make that up!

Enjoy sweeps, expect nudity.


jnickola said...

Get away from me, Carl Monday!
you should visit his website, it's consistent with his comment and fun

stan said...

It seems like there are some stories, "special reports" that happen about every sweeps period. There's always the story about free unclaimed money from the government, there's usually one about radon poisoning, there's the "meth watch", and you can't forget the identity theft reports.

And there's a whole lot of "breaking news" (which was taped weeks ago) that is really just the news department stirring up questions about things most people don't even think about. Is your child in danger? Is your home safe? Could your pets be killers? Can you trust your mailman, your garbage man or your mechanic? Our hidden cameras capture shocking evidence!

The funniest thing is that so many viewers are so wise to the game that they instinctively know that on off-sweeps months, their favorite shows are probably reruns, there's nothing special on the news, and so they might as well kick back and watch another infomercial. If I was an advertiser, I'd be wondering why I'm not getting my ad dollar's worth of eyeballs in the off season.
last night Ch 4 did airport security, or lack thereof!!!! best sweeps story of the day: "Fighting Naked Couple Bursts Into Tennessee Waffle House"

I'm assuming you have Internet access at your new job!!!!!!!!! Is full-time surfer Stan back????? :)

:P fuzzbox said...

Lesbian Nuns In Love would make a great Broadway Show.
the could use the old plotlines from Zena Warrior Princess