Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Day!

Rooty likes to sleep late at Grandma's.
It's about 1:30 in the afternoon (13:30).
He'll get up when he smells the turkey cooking.
Yes, that's a fan blowing on him, he likes to have a fan when he sleeps.
(He's on a foam mattress on the floor -- he always sleeps with a pillow.)

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving!
If you're in Canada, hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day in October (and will have a great News Years Day in July???)


moni said...

Oh Rooty is so adorable and totally spoiled just I spoil my doggies. Especially "Baby" who is the youngest. I mean why have them if you can't spoil them.???? Had too much trouble with blogger beta Jim, so for now, I'm back at bravenet.
Ye doth movest much.

Rooty might be a little spoiled, just a little.

Anonymous said...

Rooty you are too stinkin cute!! I hope your tummy was full of turkey! Jim, hope you had a great day too! Rooty's not spoiled is he?
I didn't think there was commenting after 40, no, wait, that something else!
Happy Big 40!!!!!!!!

Metal Mark said...

I would like to pet Rooty's belly.