Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Took the trash out about an hour ago, Tuesday is trash day. Did not know that the workmen had dug a trench through the front yard, which is only about 6 feet wide to begin with. Being nighttime, it was dark. Dark. Trench. Jim carrying trash bag. Kerplunk. Jim crawling out of trench. My life has become a Laurel and Hardy movie.

I added a picture of the trench -- this is what I fell into/over last night in the dark. It was quite a surprise, I thought I was being sucked into the bowels of hell.


Pixie said...

I hope none of the neighbours were looking out of any windows at the time...
people are so quick to attribute that sort of thing to alcohol, but on one could have seen me, it was that dark in front of the house

ps. you spell funny :)

Metal Mark said...

Laurel and Hardy were funny. Tuesday is my trash day as well. I have to drive my trash up to the end of the road and then unload it. With two cats and two little kids, we make a lot of trash.
we have one bag of trash, and one bag of old McDonald's bags :)

sleepyrn said...

Sure is a lot of digging around your house!!
the yard looks like those pictures of WWI battlefields and trenches, but my idea is to get everything that needs to be done all completed at the same time

Pixie said...

Jim thats not all I do funny ;)

I do try sometimes to leave out the U in words like colour, labour etc but I just cant do it without having to think about it.
I tend to leave the "H's" off of the beginning of some words -- instead of Houston I say U-ston

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't more of a quick "whoosh" - quantum second "oh sh#t" then "thud"? Of course, then there's the, "um . . . ow?" and "what just happened?"
see photo, it was more of "why am I sinking!!!"

:P fuzzbox said...

The illegals should have left you a note about the Diablo Trench.
in my case, it would be the Diego Trench

Anonymous said...

Yes, now that you mention it, I do see a faint red glow . . . and isn't that a little demonic face peering out towards the top there?
anything peering out of my yard is 99.99% probably a mole or gopher!!!!!!!!