Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I voted early, I voted often, I fell good about myself.

My favorite thing about voting has always been seeing the Migratory Election-Day Ladies. Like their migratory farm-worker counterparts, the Migratory Election-Day Ladies move from city to city, state to state, wherever there are registration rolls to be checked and ballots to be handed out, and then they disappear into some distant horizon only to reemerge again whenever the next election day rolls around.

Perhaps there is a Migratory Election-Day Ladies winter circuit that parallels baseball's winter leagues. The Migratory Election-Day Ladies could work the polls in sunny places and still have time to let their arthritic limbs soak up the Caribbean sun.

Take care of yourselves Migratory Election-Day Ladies until the next school-bond special election, or the next recall drive, or the next high-school prom king vote. We'll keep the folding chairs ready for your safe return.


Bruce said...

That sounds like it'd be a good ad for Bud Light.
Maybe Bruce has already had a Bud Light or three!!!! :)

Metal Mark said...

I voted once. I didn't like it so I have not voted since.
I love voting -- my polling place is a grade school -- the drinking fountains are two feet off the floor!!!!!

Carnealian said...

It did feel good to vote! We had quite an exciting election in PA this time round. The democrats have taken over, which is not a bad thing. So, we'll see if/what changes.
it should be good for PA: railroads, steel, anything with automotives

:P fuzzbox said...

Ahh, the silver haired sirens of the polls. You have penned an ode for the ages.
I think you meant 'ode for the aged' :)