Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why pay that silly license fee!

Pickup #1 has a John Deere logo as a license plate.

Pickup #2 has a Confederate flag as a license plate.


Jeff said...

Isn't there a law that says vehicles over a certain tonage do not need to hang rear facing plates? I worked with a guy who had a gigantic truck and he didn't run a rear plate. Consirder that being the way they are giving you the finger and saying they are better than you.
Missouri only gives one license plate to trucks registered for a gross weight (truck plus max load) of 12,000 lbs and over -- it needs to be a BIG truck

Pixie said...

spose its better then a bady photocopied "temp" in the rear window?
I had a motorcycle when I lived in Texas, for years, never bothered to get a license to drive it, so I'm just as quilty

Carnealian said...

It goes along with that pick 'em up truck mentality. The confederate flag still strikes the fear of God into me. I can only image what it must do to a person of color.

Sorry about all your losses lately. Glad to see your back and in your usual form.
I think it is culturally insulting to this part of Missouri, which remained loyal to the United States and was invaded by southern forces (who burnt many of the farms) -- the county seat of Franklin County is Union

moni said...

St. Louis was split in half as far as loyalties went in the CW. Broadway Blvd. There once was a sign on N.Broadway honoring the Union Troops and on S. Broadway there was a sign honoring the confederates. My family came from Southeast Missouri and were loyal to the Confederacy. Terrible times those, and horror stories were handed down. I think that is always true of Civil Wars.
The only one that I know of on S. Broadway is at Jefferson Barracks (national cemetery) -- there is the 23 foot one on Confederate Drive in Forest Park :

ODD FOOTNOTE: First Successful Parachute Jump from an Airplane Takes Place at Jefferson Barracks March 1, 1912