Sunday, September 10, 2006

My aunt died this morning at 2:30 AM. I was with her at the hospital.

Until about three months ago, she had not taken a pill of any kind or seen a doctor for over 35 years. She lived alone, in her own home, and took care of herself. Friday evening we were backing out of her driveway to go get ice cream, she said she felt sick. I got her back in the house and called 911. They gave her oxygen and she seemed fine. When I went over this morning she was not feeling good so I called 911 again. This time they took her to the emergency room, where we were until about 6, then I drove her home (the ambulance followed us -- it's a small town thing). About 9, after speaking with the emergency room doctor on the phone, I called 911 and we went back to the emergency room. She had a seizure about 11:30 PM, at about 1:00 AM they moved us up to a private room on the top floor. She died in her sleep, I was holding her hand.

She was 93.