Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's like walking and chewing gum...

driving and eating at the same time,

doing homework and watching the TV --

the mailman in Alton (here in Madison County) was arrested today for selling marijuana from his postal truck while delivering mail, for the past two years.


Metal Mark said...

It was probably easy for him to get away with it for a while. most of us don't notice what the mail carrier does when they pull up. We just notice if we got the right mail or not.
I really like the 'two years' part -- here is a link to the news story

moni said...

Wonder how he got caught? Probably sold to off duty police or something equally dumb. I remember Alton as a town always needing money. My opinion, is that they should legalize the stuff and tax it heavily. Make everybody happier and wealthier.
I'm allergic to smoke, so I don't care as long as no one lights up near me!

Alton needs a good power washing!!!!! Otherwise, it has great views of the MIssissippi and they put in parks where all the steel factories and rr tracks used to be by the river.

stan said...

I imagine that the dogs along his route left him alone...too mellowed out to bark at him!

oddly, no one appears to have been arrested for purchasing the pot??????

gerry rosser said...

What was he charged with? Was he doing something illegal?