Monday, September 18, 2006

We haven't been able to catch Osama ...

... but we did managed to bust Willie Nelson for possession of marijuana!

Officers on the scene caught a whiff of something suspicious emanating from the vehicle as soon as the driver opened the door reported Willie Williams of the Louisiana Highway Patrol.

Wouldn't the big news have been if troopers found no pot on Willie Nelson's bus?


Carnealian said...

Really! Isn't this just ridiculous? If the worst thing we can do is smoke a little hooch...geesh!! Maybe they need to send the Louisiana Highway Patrol to Iraq/Afghanistan...well, they'd only find Osama if he's doing a bong hit.
second only to cheech and chong, who be second most likely to have pot on a bus!!!!!!

moni said...

Yeah, Toby Keith said that Willie Nelson was an "Herbal American", lol.

Sorry, but the Louisiana cops of any kind couldn't find their "as..".
we certainly didn't hear a lot of "hero" stories after Katrina like we did about MYPD. NYFD, and NYPA after 9/11

:P fuzzbox said...

I wonder which bus has the most fumes Willie's or Snoop Dog's. That is an investigation worth conducting.
there's probably a smoke cloud following Snoop's, like a giant smoke screen, so they'll never catch him!

Tim said...

It has to be Willie's bus - after all, who seems happier? Then again, with all the violence that Snoop has to rap about, I would imagine he needs a few more drags on average than Willie, to relax a bit.

Don't worry, folks. They'll eventually see the ludicrosity of the fight against marijuana and make it legal. Think about it - where's the logic of this? We're allowed to get ourselves slappy-ass drunk and beat up our families, kill others on the highway, yet something that makes us eat maccaroni out of a big green bowl is illegal. Can someone point out the logic of this to me?

could I borrow the big green bowl?

Graham said...

Well , it's not called the high lonesome sound for nothing.

Though in Willie's case i doubt there is much 'lonesome' going on.
he may be the single nicest person on the planet -- when I lived in Austin, every redneck and long-hair in town was on his payroll (hence the subsequent bankruptcy)

Bruce said...

Not only did they catch the dangerous Willie Nelson, but they managed to catch the even more dangerous Dog the Bounty Hunter. Our tax dollars at work, folks...
I feel safer, but I'm still sleeping under my bed