Tuesday, September 26, 2006

As if the first version was not boring enough, nor the second...

The rumor is that Director Oliver Stone is planning to release a third version of his less than successful Alexander the Great, first released in theaters in 2004. The DVD was later released in two versions, both pretty much the same.

Now comes word that Stone is working on a three hour and 40 minute version that will add back in all of the gay content that studio executives made him cut from previous versions -- taking the movie from 168 minutes to a mind-bending 220.

I assume the 14-minute Colin Farrell sex tape, leaked to the Internet the last time the "Is Colin gay?" questions became a media feeding frenzy, will be released in a new 15-minute version explaining who was holding the camera.


The Phoenix said...

Talk about beating a dead horse. That movie was dreadful. Adding more "gayness" won't help.
it was like making a boring movie about WWII, just did not seem possible -- cutting about 30 minutes out of it would seem a better choice

stan said...

I'm guessing Oliver Stone just wants to get an award for Alexander from someone, anyone, so he's probably re-adding the gayness to get a GLAAD Media Award.

from what I've read, the Colin/Jared Leto love scenes that ended up being cut would have qualified for an Adult Video News (AVN) Award, the Oscars of porn,

stan said...

Oops, my mistake, it was nominated for one in 2005. And lost.
it would have easily won if Brad Pitt had played Colin/Alexander's love interest as originally planned

Bruce said...

It should've been called Alexander the Mediocre...
it actually made money internationally, but the non-U.S. versions always have more nudity

Jim said...

This is a comment from Metal Mark, Blogger ate the original!

I never saw this film. I don't normally like too many Oliver Stone films anyway.
it was fun to guess how many bottle of bleach it took to turn Colin into a blonde, and keep him that way for months

Pixie said...

That fil was terrible, I could not get past Colins bad blond hair job...With his eyebrows ?? PLEASE!

gerry rosser said...

What was so great about Alexaner again (I mean the historical figure, not the movie). I dutifully sat through the whole movie (not in a theatre, I don't go to those places). It was at least as good as Ishtar, why's everybody dishing on it?