Friday, September 15, 2006

I have no idea!!!!

This was new.
We could not find him.

He was asleep in the bathtub.
He clearly did not like being disturbed.

[He had his haircut today, that's why he looks so un-fuzzy.]


Tim said...

Maybe poor ole Rooty was embarrassed. Or he was just hot and itchy, leaving the coolness of the porcelain a logical choice.
sometimes a guy just wants to be alone! you can tell he was not pleased when I turned on the light

Metal Mark said...

One of my cats sleeps in the bathtub on occasion despite the fact that she normally likes to sleep in soft places like on the carpet and in the towel cabinet. She also like to take a ping pong ball into the tub and hit it around and chase it.
I've seen cats do the ping pong ball thing, a basement floor is great for that!!!!!