Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Please send night-vision goggles...

The street light outside is burned out. In 11:25 PM. The power company will only accept a report about a burned out street light if you have the "pole number" from the top of the pole, just under the light, which is burned out.

Give that some thought.

Sunrise is not until about 6:30 AM.

Why exactly do they have a 24-hour toll-free number?

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moni said...

You have had such tragedy in your family lately and I feel so badly for you. Who can explain the 24 hour toll free number. If you must give a pole # then it is meaningless at night. Is it legal there to have any plate other than a license plate on the back of a pickup?? We can have personal plates on the front.
I find the little (3 inch) plate the next day -- the 800-number to the electric company was busy so I called the city (with Illinois Power, now gone, all you had to do was give an address or cross street)!!!

truck with a manufacturer rating of 12,000 lbs or more only receive one plate (front) -- the reasoning seems to be that it's going to be a dump truck or a truck that pulls a trailer -- big pickups can be two-ton and have a max towing capacity of 10,000 lbs, I guess that's how they get away with it (I think they're just avoiding red-light cameras)