Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It Can Only Lead To Split Infinitives

Traffic signs that say No Turn On Red bother me. It should be No Turn When Red” as in the complete sentence "“No turn when the light is red"” shouldn't it? The way the sign is written, the full sentence would have to be "“No turn on the light is red." ” That's just goofy. What they are trying to say, I think, is "“No turn when the red light is on." ” But then the sign would have to say No Turn Red On.” This came to mind last night when Rooty and I were on our way back from McDonald's and I noticed a new Right Lane Must Turn Right sign. Since they probably mean "Vehicles in Right Lane Must Turn Right" -- why don't they just say that? After all, it is the vehicles that must turn, not the lane. Would adding the two extra words have killed them? Not important? Next time your kid says "We ain't got no cereal" remember that he or she is picking up that bad grammar on the streets.

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