Friday, August 05, 2005

I know I'm Shallow, And I Want The Deep End Also

You know that feeling when you just have to have a new car? I have that now, only I want a pool! Actually, I want the pool in the picture above, it’s nice and the yard where it is now is really crappy. I think I have legitimate reasons for needing a pool: (1) I lookbetter under water; (2) More people would like me; and (3) I would have less grass to cut. Paying for it would be the problem. I have been working on the finances all evening, looking for things to give up to save money. It might just be possible if: (1) Rooty and I go to McDonald’s two times a day instead of three; (2) I never again buy Christmas or birthday presents for anyone that I know including relatives; and (3) They cut the federal tax rate to zero. We would also have to have 72 inches of rain since I would otherwise not be able to afford to fill it.

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