Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Should Just Never Leave The House

Rooty and I had to make a quick stop on the way back home from McDonald's. The white car in the top picture is mine. I was there first. There are about 20 parking spaces in front of that building, and another 20 to the right. The red car pulls in, and what does the driver do? Park right next to me, of course! Ignoring the fact that is now more difficult for me to get into my car, there has to something seriously psychologically wrong with people who have to park right next to another car in an otherwise completely empty parking lot. Can they only park if they have an example to follow? Do they think that I've discovered some secret magic parking area and they are going to win a prize? It is just completely and absolutely beyond me!

The second picture was at the end of that same block and shows a guy in a cherry picker painting the traffic signal cross beam. This is part of old Route 66 that they have recently turned into a five-lane monster. The paint is either black or a very dark brown, I cannot tell which. Even if you assume there is some reason to paint rust-proof galvanized steel, and that a camouflage color is your best choice, why won't you paint the fool thing before you put it up in the air and have to block traffic to get to it?

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