Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This brings back unpleasant memories!

The men's dorm that I lived in my freshmen college year had one of these odd things on every floor, the only showers available. I don't know who 'Bradley' was but I hate him. I thought it was creepy then -- and seeing it again only confirms that I was right!

I just happened across the photo on the web.


David Amulet said...

Right. This picture just popped up during your routine searches for "men in shower giggling."

Jim said...

David -- I was searching for 'college boys in the shower' or 'how I learned not to drop the soap' LOL

I was searching 'army shower' to find a WWI picture for a 'Christmas Card' for a friend who is in one of those places where it is dirty and a CHRISTmas Card could perhaps get you in trouble -- I found a great one of French soldiers in WWI trenches and used it.

For STL visitors, the group showers were in the highrise with the SLU sign on top that you can see from Hwy 40, they probably still are.