Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The book writing goes swell!

The book selling not so much so. You have to have a literary agent to be published by a traditional publisher. Not been able to get one of those.

You have to be published by a traditional publisher to get into bookstores. The Catch-22 part.

You have to have a publicist. Being dyslexic, I have trouble spelling "publicist" much less finding one.

I do plan to send free copies of the book to regular visitors -- so decide on an address that you want to use.

The book is a mystery, with sexual content, strong language, and -- this will shock some of you -- profanities and vulgarisms.

While trying to sell the first book, I am working on the second in the series.

There will be a third.

Collectively, they will make good presents, and doorstops.

[The legal part: Cover protected by Copyright. Subtitle registered trademark. Image used by permission.]


sleepyrn said...

Send me one, send me one.

I love mysteries and I love series because when I finish reading a book I feel that I have to say good bye to a friend I've just met. A series brings those characters back to visit again and again.

Did I brown nose enough?

pure evyl said...

Congrats on getting the book out there. I hope you sell a trainload.

stan said...

Did you happen to put any "inside jokes" that we regular readers would get? Like a reference to Fat Biker Chick, or maybe the protagonist is having trouble getting approval to put up a gazebo, something along those lines.

I'll e-mail you my address, just in case you decide I'm on your regular visitors list :)

David Amulet said...

If you want to get some publicity, have your publisher send a copy to ForeWord magazine to try to get them to review it. It only reviews books from small and independent publishers--not the big boys in New York--and it goes to many thousands of librarians, booksellers, and literary agents.

A good review there would certainly boost sales. Good luck!

Jim said...

Sleep -- you didn't need to brown nose, I was hoping you would want a copy -- it should be mid-December.

Pure -- thanks -- maybe enough to buy a toy train!!

Stan -- email received -- Fat Biker Chick will be in book 3 -- I miss her, I wonder where she is at! I think of her every time I travel that section of I-44. Odd.

David -- thanks for the suggestion -- the site looks perfect for me -- thanks

The Phoenix said...

Creating a website for your book is also a good idea. Have you ever thought of creating an audiopodcast of your book?

Many authors have found an audience with putting their book in podcast form.

Jim said...

foen -- free audio and ebook versions are an open question since they can be so easily copied -- an audiopodcast would run 10 or more hours (the length of a book on CD)-- if the print version is successful, I'll pay to have an audible book version created (compatible with iPods).

stan said...

If you have an audiobook made, you should hire a has-been 80's movie actor to read it, like C. Thomas Howell, or Louis Gossett, Jr., or maybe Rick Moranis. They'll work cheap, plus you can use the name recognition as a stunt to generate book sales.