Wednesday, November 12, 2008

from the back cover:

The Puppy Bomb, by James Lynch, follows Texas Ranger Jonah LeClaire as he investigates the bizarre and gruesome deaths of several Texas state troopers. All the victims were blond, blue-eyed, and muscular, and in their youths were all members of an all-boy, after-school club called the Lettermen. LeClaire investigates the murders while babysitting a trooper who might be the next target; or is he the primary suspect? Every turn deepens the mystery, as LeClaire uncovers the kinky history of the Letterman, but even the victim’s sordid pasts don’t compare to the bizarre present. As yet another trooper disappears, motives become more elusive and the killings become more vicious. Lynch’s The Puppy Bomb masterfully weaves the nuts and bolts of a first class whodunit with the titillating backstory of male bonding gone terribly wrong. Told with wry wit and twists and turns galore, The Puppy Bomb keeps you guessing and wanting more, while entertaining every step of the way.

[The legal stuff: Copyright 2008]


moni said...

This sounds wonderful. Jim, send this synopsis to everyone in publishing. You have talent son!

sleepyrn said...

Can I be an editor for a second and correct an error which I'm sure was only on the blog version - and only because you are so tired your teeth hurt.

I think you may have meant "sordid" cuz I'm not really sure how one would "sort" a past.

You should hear me yell at the television when a newscaster uses a wrong word or uses incorrect grammar. What can I say, it's one of my hang ups.

I said the ending "" so many times in an effort to have my children use adverbs correctLY that one of my sons swears I named him David Lee to make HIM an adverb.

OK, that's enough from me. I'll shut up now. Except to say that I can't wait to read the book!!!!!! I just love wry wit!

Jim said...

moni -- traditional publishers accepted about 1% of submissions, and that was before hard-cover book sales declined 30% in September.

sleep -- thanks for the heads up - I paid to have this written and it was full of typos and other errors (such as switching my last name and the character's last name back and forth. I got my money back!-- your kids probably drop the ly because that is done on most TV shows and by sports anouncers.

moni said...

I guess you can publish it yourself, then advertise like crazy. Hopefully, someone will read it and get you an agent.

sleepyrn said...

My kids no longer drop the ly - I can assure you. And yes, announcers drop it most of the time or they add it when inappropriate - you should here me scream when I hear "most importantLY..." or "secondLY...". When I read it in a newspaper I REALLY scream. These people are paid to write correct-LY!!!

However, I have to say, the WORST is sports announcers who use the word "defense" as a verb. As in "This team can really defense against the blitz." AAAARRRRRRG There is a perfect-LY good word for that situation - "defend". Why and how did it get dropped from the sports casters' vocabulary?????

OK, I'm off my soap box. (for now)

Jim said...

sleep has had a meltdown and has to go to timeout, she can come out and play later :)

sleepyrn said...

Am I still in time-out?

Jim said...

LOL -- no Sleep, you can rejoin the family!