Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What to order to drink if your date is a mermaid...

...from the menu at Sonic!


Scott said...

Ocean water, what???
head for the beach, you're sitting on a fortune up there!!!!!

actually it's coconut flavored water, I don't get it either, except that it has a light blue tint (from blue coconuts no doubt)

:P fuzzbox said...

It's actually coconut syrup and Sprite. And it is sweeter than Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm but crazee tastee.
this is the descriptions from Sonic's website: "Cool, blue and tangy with a hint of coconut!"

I was thinking that it had pieces of coconut floating around in it, like peanuts in Jello

Pixie said...

Ewww Ocean water makes one think of salty. There is nothing worse then getting a mouth full of sea water.
They should have neamed it "tropical delight" or something sappy like that.
I guess ocean=blue -- but you're right, it's a terrible name!!

Meagan said...

peanuts in jello? ick.
when I was a freshman in college the cafeteria in the dorm used to have Jello with whole peanuts all the time, the fact that no one choked to death is a miracle

Jeff said...

It could be septic water. A hint oc coconut? How about a slathering of jellyfish?
the jellyfish are comming, the jellyfish are coming!!!!!

sorry, I just watched a History Channel special about the worldwide explosion of jellyfish (Yeh, I also thought they meant the jellyfish were blowing up, but they are just precreating at a frantic pace.)

stan said...

I sure could go for a kelpsicle right about now.
I thought kelp was all you northwesterns ate anyway!!!!! -- kelp and salmon, the latter which you beat to death as they jump in the streets

Amy in StL said...

When I lived in Charleston, I used to go to Sonic and marvel at how stupid this was. It's one thing to foist this on midwesterners, but when you live on the ocean - and it's warm and salty - don't try to sell a cool refreshing drink with this name.
direct cost to name a menu item drink: $25,000

consultant: $15,000
focus groups $10,000