Friday, July 07, 2006

We need to find the guy...

...who invented the universal combination gutter and curb!!!!

And beat him senseless!!!

Or, make him drive back and forth across those axle-breaking abominations for the rest of his cursed natural life!!

The gutter is the channel at the edge of a street or road that carries off rain water. The curb keeps the adjoining property higher than the roadway, helping to keep water out of yards and off sidewalks. Traditional perpendicular curbs also helped to protect pedestrians from traffic since tires will tend to following along a curb rather than climb it (that's why concrete barriers on freeways have a curb-like perpendicular area at roadway level).

Enter some fool who decided that we could have a universal gutter-curb combination that did not require special cutouts for driveways -- they could just build great lengths of these inverted speed bumps and people could add driveways wherever they wanted.

Nice plan.

It don't work!

Have you ever gone across one of these things and not have it felt like the wheels were going to fall off of your car?

In the picture above, you can see that the home owner on the right has filled the damn thing with asphalt. I've seen concrete. I've seen boards. What I want to see in that trough is some inventor's butt!!!


The Phoenix said...

Basically, these gutter/curbs are just gigantic potholes.
and yet they just keep building more and more

moni said...

Jim, send him over to me and we will give him tickets to "get out of town", bigtime, lol. BTW, I only have my blogspot blog now!
it annoys me so much because the blasted things are on the driveways for both the McDonald's and the Sonic --

what I have on my list is

Webpirate said...

Ummm, Jim, you are supposed to drive ON THE ROAD, not the gutter. I have no issue with them, and when parking I'll take them over a tire eating curb(STL Style) anyday.