Sunday, July 09, 2006

We need a new word... describe guys
who jog or run
on the shoulder of the roadway
facing traffic
with their shirts off
at rush hour
not more that 20 feet from a parallel hike & bike trail!

My thought is that we use a portmanteau -- a word combines part of one or both of two original words to form a new word -- for example, guesstimate ( guess + estimate).

Here are my candidate words:

ps. If he's wearing speedos, you're allowed to hit him with your car in three states.*

*I realize the sentence is grammatically incorrect, but I kind of like the incorrect meaning!


:P fuzzbox said...

Around here if a guy is running with his shirt off he is usually running from the cops.
...and has a cannabis tattoo!

which gives me an idea of what to name them rummers:
adonis + dope = adopus (adopii)

stan said...

Around here, he is a cop.
lol -- or my favorite cart-retriever from Wal*Mart

how about:
gutter + god = gutter god (althought that's not a

starbender said...

I always thought they had a
So how 'bout we just call them
Dishers=Death Wishers!
And pass a law where U can run them over and fufill their dream!
LOL -- I like dishers !!!!!!!

I had forgotten, David (second cousin once removed) calls them "Steroid Exhibits"

Jeff said...


Floppy man b00b runner. I really don't see the need to run without a shirt. I also don't see the need to run at all.
hehe -- my guess is that there a boner involved sometime

Bruce said...

How about "hood ornament"?
not enough style, more like grill cover :)

Amy in StL said...

I just call 'em Ewwwwwwww! What about Exhibitionish + Idiot = exhibiot?
good one -- but how to pronouce????????? is the "t" silent???? :)

We always call Target the "targe" as if it were a french word, to make it should fancier

Webpirate said...

I thought we had a word for joggers? 20 points.
Bicyclist: 30 points
Mailboxes: 10 points

sleepyrn said...

Anyone running on the street with a perfectly good running path within yards is an a$$hole. Anyone running with out a shirt is just gross. So we can have *grasshole* or *grole*
triple word score for the double portmanteau

The Phoenix said...

How about you combine "flasher" with "shirt off" to form:

sounds like the lead dancer in the Russian Ballet :)