Thursday, July 13, 2006

Could you become a citizen?

MSN has some of the questions asked on the citizenship test given by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). There are other sites that also offer online citizenship questions but all are very similar.

Thinking of fleeing to Canada to avoid the Draft or those ex-wives? Try the Canadian Citizenship Exam. (Click on "Take our Canadian Quiz.")


Jim said...

"You scored 14 out of 20.
Congratulations! You passed the test."

Well, it's nice to have options!

:P fuzzbox said...

11 for 11 on the U.S./5 for 20 on Canadian. Guess I'll stick it out here.
here's some Texas History Quizes

Pixie said...

Dam I only got 3!!! and one of them was a guess I only knew the national anthem and the Mayflower :|
the appropriate authorities have been notified

The Phoenix said...

Got all 11 right on the US. I have no desire to go to Canada, so I'll just refrain from taking their test.
you can take the Canadian test with actually having to go!

Jeff said...

10/11. Stupid 49th state.
so close, you could have won the trip

Ranea said...

9 out 11 pretty good. 6 out 20 not so good.
I would imagine that 6 out of 20 would put you in the 90th percentile for Americans

Pixie said...

Jim, Just so you know, I did a UK one last night and I did get 12/14 right :)

BUT going by the fact that I will probably have to take this test one day I better get to work on my American History :0
I'll try a UK one later today and post how I do on it.

Bruce said...

10/11 right. Got the 2nd in line behind tne Prez mixed up.
that's ok, I have trouble remembering the most recent four in order

:P fuzzbox said...

Thanks for the links.
I did pretty good on those on that page, if you went up a page on the site there is a current one on women in Texas history, I did not do as well on it

The Phoenix said...

OK, I got 13 out of 20. Are you sure a bunch of Canadians aren't going to kidnap me now???
first aliens, now Canadians, no one is going to kidnap you Phoenix!!!!!