Saturday, July 08, 2006

I always had trouble just coloring inside the lines...

I know it looks as if the blue triangles are painted on top of the photo above, but they're not. Artist Felice Varini paints lines and circles on things that, only when viewed from a specific point, produce images that appear to float in space. Check out the two photos below -- the one on the left shows how the walls are painted, the one on the right shows the effect when viewed from that one magic point. Some additonal examples follow. It's just hard to believe!


Meagan said...

I LOVE art like that! I would so do something like that in my house! If I were rich enough to hire Felice Varini, that is. I personally would not have the mathematical patience to create such equations that, in the end, appear as simple graphic designs.

love meagan
me too, I would hire the guy in a second, although I have no room large enough to do it justice

The Phoenix said...

Wow...I love the laser bouncing off the walls. I've seen some of his work before, and the amount of engineering involved just blows my mind.

Very cool.

Pixie said...

I wonder what they look like if not viewd from the "right point" though(the last two)...Cool nonetheless.
I was always rubbish at maths so I doubt I could conjur up such sights for the eyes ;)
that's the problem, except at the magic spot, they look like random splats of paint

Scott said...

I have always found this type of art very cool.
I need to do this to my apartment, I wonder if the landlord would mind?
he shouldn't know until you move!

Anonymous said...

These are so cool and so beyond my stick people creations.
some of my best friends are stick people

stan said...

I've had an idea for doing something like that too, except it'd be painted somewhere in a church interior. And instead of circles or laser beams, it'd be a cross.
my thought was freeway ramps, to keeps drivers from going the wrong way

Amy in StL said...


Brandon said...

thats pretty awesome. doesnt really look real though, I'm always a skeptic.
it's that show-me thing

Andrew said...

That's got to be one of the most amazing things you've ever shard with us, Jim. Wow. I wish she could paint my house like that.
my guess is that the height of the viewer would have to be taken into account or it would all appear a little off