Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mallory's history report on the American Revolution

Mallory: "They wore red, we dressed casual." Family Ties/NBC


Bruce said...

Mallory redefined the term "simple-minded".
I also remember: "I shop, therefore I am."

Nicole said...

I miss that show!
I miss shows that had a beginning, middle, and end that had something to do with each other.

Meagan said...

aww Mallory!! Such memories. Actually, she was pretty annoying, but that's certainly the kind of history report I would write too.

love meagan
I thought of the quote last night when I was watching The Revolution on the History Channel, it was a little nutty wearing brigh red

jnickola said...

Does everyone have one Family Ties line stuck in their brain? Mine is from when Skippy joins the Army and runs away almost instantly.
SKIPPY: Alex, what does "AWOL" mean?
ALEX: It means "absent without leave," it's an acronym.
SKIPPY: Oh, I thought it was called that because I went over "a wall."
Blanche: "Gracie, where did you get these beautiful flowers?"
Gracie: "I told George that I was going to see Mrs. Wilson in the hospital and he said 'Be sure and take her flowers.'"

Skippy played the Gracie part, wonderfully.