Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Things they clearly no longer teach in Drivers-Ed

1. To stop at the white line at a traffic signal, as opposed to straddling it with your rust-bucket. The lines are there for a reason, usually to provide a clear path for cars on the cross-street trying to make a left-turn.

2. To yield to the car on your right at an uncontrolled intersection, as opposed to just racing through it without looking in either direction. The main street into a subdivision has no more seniority than do the cross-streets. Yield to the car which arrives first at the intersection or to the car on your right if it reaches the intersection at the same time as you do.

3. If a traffic signals are not working at an intersection, it becomes a four-way stop. Dah!

I so want by school taxes back!

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David Amulet said...

I've also seen these rules breaking down all the time. Oh yes, and the one about turning your headlights on in the rain, that one's going away, too.