Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Everyone who remembers "Princes Summer Fall Winter Spring" raise your hand!

Peter Phillips, 30, it the son of Princess Anne and eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

He is going to marry Canadian Autumn Kelly, 29.

That's right, she'll be Princess Autumn!

Not only is she Canadian but she's Catholic. Oops!

He's 11th in line for the throne so marrying a Catholic is not allowed.

So she renounced Catholicism.

And converted to

In secret!

I like a gal who can make a commitment.

Her goals are World Peace, Rogaine for the groom, and to bring hockey back to Canada.


Amy in StL said...

He looks so much like the current heir to the throne - and his son! That's some serious inbreeding there.

David Amulet said...

Is it just me ... or does he look like a hybrid of Prince William and George W. Bush??

Jim said...

I especially like the matching outfits, the whimp!