Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm Pre-Medicare

I've reached that point in life where I don't throw away batteries after they have been replaced.

I'm a geek. There are ex-mouse batteries, and ex-remote control batteries, on every table and desktop. I found one in Rooty's bed!

I need to join Batteries Anonymous!

Save me!


Amy in StL said...

You don't throw away batteries? Wow, and I thought that I was a packrat!

moni said...

Well Jim, I'm Post-Medicare, lol.
I have a drawer full of remotes and I don't know why. There are batteries in these remotes, eek!

Jim said...

AMY == if there wasn't a Health Department, I'd still own everything that I ever owned.

MONI == I have one full of cell phone car adapters :)