Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No one got me in the divorce

Last week I ran into a guy I had grown up with, in the neighborhood, in Missouri. We had been good friends when we were kids. One event that I never missed was the New Year's Eve party that her and his wife held every year. We might see each other other times, but the party was a must. Then they divorced.

When I saw the guy last week, I finally realized that his ex-wife had gotten me in the divorce. I had not seen him much since the divorce -- weddings, funerals -- and there had been no party invitations. He has remarried but I don't know if they have a New Year's Eve party or not.

Oh. His ex-wife remarried and moved to California.

So, I'm free on New Year's Eve since, you know, no one got me in the divorce.

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