Friday, July 15, 2005

You're Stupid, And It's My Fault

Rooty the Dog and I ran errands last night after the second thunderstorm of the day had departed. Of course, we stopped at McDonald's on the way back home. The woman in the car ahead of us in the drive-thru asked the order-taker guy 'What flavors are your vanilla shakes?' You should have seen the look on his teenage face! While I would have suggested to her that alcohol and ice cream are seldom a good mix, he was much more polite. He has two choices: he could assume that she was asking what flavors of shakes they have or he could assume she was asking what sizes of vanilla shakes they have. Unfortunately for him, he picked the former while she meant the latter. He started to tell her 'Vanilla, chocolate...' He didn't quite finish because she started screaming 'sizes, sizes, sizes!' As I said, he was much more polite than I would have been.

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