Friday, July 22, 2005

Suppose They Didn't Build It And Everybody Came

It was a great idea, it just didn't happen -- an Interstate loop around downtown St. Louis. It is where that deadend left-hand lane on I-44 was supposed to go. It was the justification for not making the I-70/I-55/I-44/I-64 interchange at the Poplar Street Bridge a complete interchange (you cannot get from I-70 East to I-64 West, or I-55 North to I-64 West, or I-64 Eest to I-70 West, etc.). It was supposed to be I-755!

The little bit of it that was actually built has to be the shortest of the Interstates (albeit unmarked) -- just those two little pieces of payment, with their extra unused lanes, running north and south under Market Street. In the satellite photo, the Union Station train shed is on the right, that oddly placed fountain is lower center where the ramp curves.

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