Thursday, May 19, 2005

Making the Poplar More Popular

Illinois and Missouri are planning on spending $1 billion dollars to reroute Interstate 70 and build a new bridge over the Mississippi River. Their goal is to reduce the traffic congestion on the Poplar Street Bridge, which carries Interstates 70, 55, 44, and 64 -- plus U.S. 40 -- into downtown St. Louis. I have a better plan. If they give me $10,000, I promise that I will never use the Poplar Street Bridge again. Ever. I'm willing to sign papers.

They could also give another 49,999 people each $10,000 if they promised never to use the bridge again. Ever. That would save half a billion plus permanently remove 50,000 cars from a bridge that normally carries 120,000 vehicles per day. Not only would my plan eliminate the congestion and save money, it would make 50,000 of us very, very happy.

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