Sunday, May 29, 2005

Googles Gone Wild!

When visitors find this page via a search engine, I can tell what they were searching for. Listed below are some of the searches that have led people here over the past few weeks. If one of them is from you, welcome and please visit often!

I have added a little comment in italics after each word or phrase someone has searched for. Remember, each of these searches returned my blog as one of the search results.

gnats in the kitchen <== a little scary that this would bring you here

interstate 10...eding tickets <== I have certainly been on I-10, but I do not remember any speeding tickets

lyrics "if you'... one you love" <== probably from Love The One You're With, lyrics by Will Young ("And if you can't be with the one You love honey, Love the one you're with)

oralgel <== Oral Gel toothache medicine, repeats below

kitchen gnats <== not from the same person as above, so even scarier

greens berets <== was not one, but I do have the black beret from some Swedish students

brick + city <== probably the result of my recent tirade about the crosswalks in town

austin, tx the street <== streaking, striking (and consequently being struck), stroking (as in a stroke of genius), no matter what you put here, I have definitely done it in the streets of Austin, and probably more than once

oralgel <== you people seem to have a lot problems with your teeth

uncooked h <== hamburger maybe?

law and govern...washing liquid <== I have no idea, except perhaps for a desire for clean government

gum removal in... clothes dryer <== I Googled this and got 47,700 hits, maybe if you folks chewed less gum you would have fewer tooth aches

places to visit in illinois <== This might explain all of the weekend guests

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