Saturday, May 21, 2005

If at First You Don't Succeed Make the Same mISTAKE aGAIN

You will be able to see this one coming. There is a new kind of dishwasher detergent -- tablets made of detergent powder and an embedded marble of spot remover. Each table comes individually wrapped (I told you that you would be able to see it coming). In my defense, it does not actually say on the wrapper that it needs to be removed before putting the tablet in the dishwasher. I could not figure out why the dishes did not get clean, so I rewashed them. Yes, I added a second wrapped detergent tablet. The second try was no better than the first! Yes, I eventually realized that you have to remove the wrappers when I found the two stilled-wrapped tablets in the bottom of the machine. For regular readers, I know that you will be absolutely amazed that I only did this twice.

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