Monday, August 03, 2009


I have been really bad lately about making comments about comments. I have been having work done on the house. Some of you will understand this as an excuse for everything. Others of you, who have never had work done on your house, will ask "What's the big deal?"

Let's start with irrigation.

Oops. Two sprinkler heads do not work and two others do not osculate (thereby creating big puddles). The following is a summary of the past four weeks!

"We've fixed the two non-working heads, here's the bill."

"But, still no water comes out of them."

"Probably the $#$%$# umbucknob needs replacing, here's another bill."

"But, still no water comes out of them."

"It's that #@$$#@$% hose, the &%$#&% is not big enough, will have to trench, here's another bill."

Tomorrow, we will discuss 'Fun with Stone Masons."

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moni said...

Oh gosh Jim, I have some serious plumbing work to be done and I just keep hesitating to call a plumber. First off, these local yokels know squat about anything and I expect to get ripped off.