Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not sure about this. Might be a good idea.

  • You go to snailmailr.com.
  • Fill in your address.
  • Fill in who will receive your letter.
  • Then a Word-type screen allows you to write your letter.
  • Then you pay $1 (or $1.15 for no snailmailr logo).
  • They send your letter by USPS.
  • I'm just not sure. I would not invest in it, but I might use it.

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Chicken Little said...

Actually, that would be a pretty good idea if you wanted to send a letter, but didn't want the postmark to give away your location. A good example would be if you were in a terrorist training camp, and had a manifesto you wanted to send anonymously to the media. Other possibilities would include ransom notes, or something more personal like "I'm breaking up with you and moving away, don't try to find me."