Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Eight people were arrested in St. Louis last week at a town hall meeting about health care. For the most part, they were protesters who could not get inside because the meeting hall was beyond legal capacity -- a call the Fire Marshall makes.

One of the guys arrested claims he was injured while being arrested. He was there to protest the President's health care plan. Turns out that he is unemployed and has no health insurance. He is asking for donations to help pay his medical expenses. He apparently has no sense of irony!


moni said...

I don't get it. All of these unemployed people with no healthcare and then crazies who keep protesting against it.I mean, if you have healthcare and are happy with it, then where is the problem??? I have medicare, so I am ok but when I was 64 years old, too young for medicare, it costs me all my money for healthcare with hospital bills into the l00,000s and it cleaned me out. I couldn't get insurance because of my history.

Jim said...

when the hospitals switched from being "charities" and tax exempt to for-profit enterprises they were supposed to provide free or discounted care to make up for the fact that they were built with tax free dollars, when was the last time you heard of a hospital doing that?????