Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is new...

Car in front of me today at McDonald's:

"I'll probably have the chicken McNuggets."

"The 4, 6, or ten piece McNuggets?"

"I'll probably have the 6 piece."

"Barbeque, Hot Mustard, or Sweet 'N Sour Sauce?"

"I'll probably have Barbeque."

This went on while she ordered for herself and three kids. It finally ended with a drink order:

"I'll probably have Iced Coffee."

"Regular, Carmel, Hazelnut, or Vanilla?"

"I'll probably have Regular."

"Medium or large?"

"I'll probably have large."

"Plain, sugar, Equal, or Splenda?"

"I'll probably have plain."


moni said...

wow, nothing like knowing your own mind.

sleepyrn said...

I'll probably have to kill her.

stan said...

Can you say commitment issues???