Wednesday, January 07, 2009

They lowered the lake even more!

I know you have always wanted to know what the bottom of the lake looks like -- well, here it is. The brown line to the left of center is my seawall. The gray things to the far left are weathered landscape timbers. The little plastic things are the fixtures for the fiber-optic lights.

This shot looks straight out from the seawall. (No, I don't know why it's called a seawall instead of a lake wall.) Most of the things that look like rocks are the shells of deceased fresh-water clams. What you see is about thirty feet of mud flat exposed by the lowering of the lake. Distances around a lake are very deceiving. The whitish line about mid-picture is some type of natural sand bar that is normally covered by water,


moni said...

Jim, why are they lowering the Lake??

Jim said...

Hi Moni!

They lowered the lake before Christmas so the city could replace the roadway that washed out during the fall. Then, the Lake Board lowered it more so they could dredge part of the creek where a board member keeps his pontoon boat. We(the subdivision residents) voted a few months ago NOT to give the board the power to dredge. Nevertheless the board has spent $200,000 to dredge where the creek used to be!