Thursday, January 22, 2009

A guy way

One of the commodes has a leak.

A very small leak, between the tank and the basin.

I tightened the bolts, but you can only do that so much for fear of cracking the porcelain.

So I put a big floor fan next the commode and turned it on HIGH, which evaporates the water from the leak.

It's a guy solution to the problem.

The alternative is to remove all of the water from the tank, unbolt it, lift it off the base, removes all the seal and working parts, and reassemble.

I like the guy way.


paul said...

sorry dude, that's either the redneck way or the chick way!

sleepyrn said...

I agree - it's the redneck way. The guy way is to pretend you know what you are doing with your big, manly tools. After four trips to home depot, a lot of cussing, and one trip to the ER,the womanly way of calling the plumber seems like a good idea.

Amy in StL said...

Yeah, I'm a chick and I'd turn off the water to that commode until it drained. Then just squirt a little (or a lot, whatever it took) caulking in there to stop the leak.

paul said...

Sorry Amy, try "Gorilla Glue" ... it works wonders. Sad to say but my futon is made of it (for the most part)

moni said...

I have some Mighty Putty that fixes everything.