Saturday, July 12, 2008

A tale of hills and dales, and probably a Tiffani

As you might imagine, the road around the lake has lots of curves and little hills. When the lake was built (1939), they just graded the road following the natural terrain.

Today, Rooty and I were headed to town. Ahead, I could see heads bobbing up and down. It was six or seven kids, boys and girls, probably 12 yo or so. They were spread all across the road, including on the right-hand side. I was going slow so all but one of them had time to get out of the way. She was in the right-hand lane, headed up a hill right at me, talking on her cell phone!

She could have gotten out of the way but she was holding her cell phone to her ear with her right hand and steering the bike with her left. She tried, but the bike just wobbled a little to the left, and then to the right. It never occurred to her to stop talking or, oddly enough, to stop peddling. I had stopped at the top of the hill and I thought she was going to crash right into my grille.

There is no shoulder so I pulled over into somebody's front yard (sorry about that).

The last that I saw of her she was headed down the hill behind me, still on the wrong side of the road, still talking on her phone.

[Comment for long-time visitors: It made me wonder where Fat Biker Chick might be!]

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moni said...

One of the problems with maturing, is that you cannot fathom the lure of the cellphone. Neither traffic, nor laws, nor safety, will stop the young from talking on their cell. She probably never even saw you.