Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rooty has a poodle cut!

Rooty is on a 16-week chemo protocol. One of the chemos is given via an IV. So, a few weeks ago, they shaved his right front leg. He had the same chemo this week so they shaved his left front leg. He looks really silly!

His hair is also falling out, because he has hair and not fur. It will come back in beautiful, with the deep colors that he had when he was a puppy.

Let me repeat again: Dogs tolerate chemo really well. The goal is to put the cancer into remission rather than to cure it (as they try to do with people). The dosage per pound of body weight, therefore, is much less than with humans.

Plus, he loves going to the animal hospital -- he pushes the door of the animal hospital open with this nose when we get there. The receptionist claims that Rooty actually smiles when in comes in!

It's lymphoma so there is no way to predict what will happen, but so far he's doing great!


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moni said...

Sweet little Rooty, give him extra hugs and kisses for me.:)

meagan said...

Ohhhh, Rooty!