Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's sorta Johnny Carson![updated]

The political part of Jay Leno's monologue is still not up to Carson-standards, but it's the best of the talk shows.

Jay Leno: "I don't want to...say McCain is running a lackluster campaign, but his Secret Service codename is 'Bob Dole.'"

This is a formula joke. It can be written in several ways, for example.

John McCain is so dull he makes Bob Dole seem interesting.


It was suggested that I needed to add an Obama joke:

Jimmy Kimmel: "It was...surprising" and "kind of exciting. They really love Barack Obama in Germany. He's like a rock star over there," which is "impressive until you realize that David Hasselhoff is also like a rock star over there."

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David Amulet said...

Not a bid line ... I think "Al Gore" would have been better given the latter's traditionally wooden demeanor.

Or maybe "David Amulet." He's awfully lackluster these days.

moni said...

Yes, McCain is to old and confused to be elected anything! I am his age and let me tell you all, old folks should not hold important offices. Most of the time, we are all right, but sometimes, we get confused and McCain gets very confused. He doesn't even understand the internet and he thinks Iraq and Iran share a border and he doesn't know how Europe has changed since the days of Marshall Tito. He is a disaster.

moni said...

oops, I meant he believes that a border is shared between Iraq and Pakistan. I made my point, a Senior moment, lol

Jim said...

david -- you're always fun!!!

moni -- the guy's got a rich wife. wanting to be president is just plain greedy