Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm so confused

There was an accident on Tuesday where I-64 crosses I-270 in St. Louis County. A truck and trailer hit a line of cars stopped in the exit lane at rush hour trying to get from 64 to 270. The truck literally hydroplaned over the top of the cars and vans crushing and mangling them. Two people were killed at the seen. Sixteen others were injured and hospitalized. Others were treated and released. The story from the Post-Dispatch website is HERE.

One of the persons killed and several of those injured were Amish. On the Interstate. Not in a buggy. It seems that the Amish can ride in cars as long as someone not Amish is driving (they hire a driver.) Isn't that just plain odd. Why don't they let their kids ride in school buses? I'm really confused.

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