Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rooty the Dog update:

Rooty is doing great. His lymph nodes shrunk to nothing after his first chemo treatment. He had some tummy problems afterwords but his animal hospital is open 24 hours. His doctor is a certified doggie oncologist. His treatment is called the Wisconsin Protocol and lasts 16 weeks. We are in Week 7. He goes once a week, sometimes for just an hour, sometimes for more. Rooty LOVES going to the vet, so that really helps.

He still plays with his toys as if he was a puppy and still goes nuts with the garden hose, vacuum cleaner, shop vac, shovel, hoe, rake, most any tool.

Rooty will be nine on August 2nd.


Amy in StL said...

Wow, sounds like the treatments are going well. After week 16, you should take him for a celebratory trip to Home Depot. I know they don't normally allow dogs, but how can they turn down a dog that's beaten cancer and just wants to play with some tools? ;)

moni said...

Rooty is a real trooper! I'm not at all surprised. He just does everything well. Hugs & Kisses to Rooty!

Jim said...

AMY -- really funny, and cleaver.

MONI -- Rooty says thanks!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

That makes my heart sing just a litttle.

I've been reading you for quite a while. Part of the reason is that quirky, wonderful dog Rooty, who sleeps with his legs straight up in the air and who the local McDonalds loves and misses when you don't bring him around.

Not only are you a quality person for giving so much for the survival of your friend, you get props for sharing his unique wonderfulness with us.

My life is a little more interesting because of you and Rooty.