Saturday, October 27, 2007

This guy went to a Widget Summit, and had a good time!

Frank's blog -- Somewhat Frank -- overflows with info about new web-based services. It's fun stuff for most of us, probably serious stuff for people who live on VC-funding (venture capitalists). Here are some of the current posts:

YowTrip -- a social network for travelers who are traveling alone to meet up with other travelers and locals in the same area at the same time. Except for the Jeffrey Dahmer aspect of it, this looks like a great idea

LinkDoozer -- allows you to access and manage your bookmarks and favorites remotely, and make you and them part of yet another social network. Also a good idea, especially for people with few actual friends and fewer chances of making any [sorry, editorial comment based on my being rejected in so many virtual spaces].

Propertize -- an online property management suite. As you get older and start inheriting houses this might be just what you need.

"SmartLinks offer site owners the ability to link to a widget that when clicked displays related items (i.e. books, music, people, etc)." Phoenix would like this, he could add links to books about spooks -- it also answers the question what they do at a widget summit.

Rememble -- "makes it easy to tell a story in a memory timeline and share it with your friends in a number of ways." Sounds good, but from the examples it just looks like you have to takes pictures of all your crap and add it to yet another social network. Stan, this puppy may be for you.

Xpenser -- makes remembering business expenses easier. [INSERT your own hooker joke about here.] -- enables users to create a web page dedicated to their own special day in history. Stan, there's probably a limit on how many day-pages you can create.

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