Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fade to black...

A previous post – on October 26 below – listed the most frequent Google Searches that produced visitors to It’s Jim. High on the list were searches for videos by some college guys, who had a new video camera to play with and clearly time on their hands. I thought the videos were very, very funny and did not one but two posts about them. I actually exchanged emails with one of the fellows to make sure the first post was okay, something I do whenever I mention someone and I can find their email address.

All of the videos that those guys produced in their college dorm – lip-syncing, choreographed, and shirtless – have been removed from both YouTube and Google Video. At YouTube, there is a note that the videos have been removed at the request of a third party who holds the copyright. Since the video camera belonged to the guy wearing the puka shells necklace, a star athlete in college, I assume he would be the copyright holder and the person who requested that the clips be removed

These were classic, silly, early YouTube videos – the kind of goofy stuff that made online videos so popular in the first place -- and they generated a lot of press coverage and online chatter. I can understand that the guys are now older, with careers, probably married, most likely with children. I can also understand that you might not want your kid to see daddy dancing shirtless online and lip-syncing an early-80’s hit by British pop singer Bonnie Tyler. So I have been very careful in this post not to include any term that might bring folks searching for those famous videos to this site, and I have removed or altered all previous posts to obliterate any mention of them

But, I do have this observation to make: once again we see the difference between being a good athlete and a good sport.

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