Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The road to hell is paved

Above is a picture of our beautiful new downtown fountain. Isn't it lovely?
Above is a picture of the handicap ramp on the new sidewalk that was built when our beautiful new fountain was installed. So wonderful to be considerate of the handicap.
Above is the new sidewalk just beyond the new handicap ramp that was built when our beautiful new fountain was installed. As you can see, we also have beautiful new light posts and an equally new wastebasket.

You have to really ask yourself "Self, what was the point of the handicap ramp?" Crippled midgets perhaps, in tiny little wheelchairs?.


sleepyrn said...


One of our major roads was repaved and widened (not necessarily in that order) First, how hard would it have been to put in a bike lane? Too hard evidently. And second, all the sidewalk have the requisite wheelchair ramps at all corners. Fine and good. Then the road crews had to replace all the mailboxes that had been displaced by the widening of the road. You guessed it right in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk. The sidewalks have been rendered totally and completely useless to wheelchairs and/or bikes.

Now I want MY taxes back!

stan said...

Took me a minute, but I got it. Heh!

Jim said...

this is the post from Moni
moni said...

Hey, ____________ is looking good these days and I do like the fountain.