Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why it's called 'show biz'

Ethel had to stay 7 lbs heavier than Lucy, it was in Vivian Vance's contract.

Paul Anka wrote the theme for The Tonight Show, for which he received a royalty every time it was played. It was only after Johnny died that we learned that Anka had to kick back 1/2 of the royalty payments to Carson.

On Seinfeld, one of the most popular running gags was Kramer's violent bursts through Jerry's apartment door. This was especially popular with the studio audience, which went wild each time Kramer burst through the door. Jerry felt the bit was getting too big a reaction and Michael Richards was required to tone down his entries.


The Phoenix said...

Watching Kramer make one of his hallmark entrances always makes me laugh...always.

Metal Mark said...

I feel that the title of your blog is getting too much of a reaction for you as an individual. Would you mind changing the title from "It's Jim" to "It's me"?
Just kidding.

Jim said...

foen -- I guess Jerry though it made too many people laugh too long

mm -- huh?????